Seminar: Techniques, Ethics, and the Use of Academic Knowledge

On 13th and 14th June 2019, the Centre for Political Courage (CPC) organized the seminar “Techniques, Ethics, and the Use of Academic Knowledge”. Participants of this seminar were students from various public universities and private colleges in Kosovo, selected through an open call for application. The seminar was delivered by Dr. Gëzim Visoka, assistant professor of Peace and Conflict studies at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland.

The key topics of this seminar were: introduction of scientific research, techniques and methodology of scientific research, ethics of the research, research-based advocacy and diverse ways of influencing the society through the research knowledge. During the seminar, the participants worked in groups where they reviewed some research reports, analyzed the ontology, epistemology and methodology, main findings, its political and social implications, and strengths and weaknesses of the respective reports. Dr. Visoka also shared some personal experiences related to his academic and research activities, which were interesting and inspiring for the participants.

This seminar was organized within the project “Think globally, act locally – Series of seminars on critical thinking and academic integrity”. The overall goal of the project is to increase student awareness and expand their horizons to the quality that higher education should offer. Also, these activities aim at creating a network of young people who would apply the knowledge and experiences gained from the seminars during their studies and work.

The project “Think globally, act locally – Series of seminars on critical thinking and academic integrity” is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), within the Coalition for Integrity and Transparency at the University (KITU).