Denur Paçaku

Denur Paçaku completed his bachelor’s studies in Political Science, in the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prishtina. In the same faculty, he completed his master’s studies in Political Science, in European Integration and Public Administration program. Currently, Denur is continuing his PhD studies in the discipline of Political Science, at the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences at the South East European University. Among other things, he is a scholarship holder of various local and international organizations and institutions, he participated preparatory trainings for researchers and students, in school of thought on politics and he engaged in research work in the field of European studies, higher education in Kosova and human rights.

Monitoring of transparency and students’ knowledge on the governance of public universities

Project period: January 2021 – June 2021 | Donator: Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)

This project aimed at increasing transparency and shed light on student’s knowledge on the governance of public institutions of higher education through:

  1. Providing accurate data on the number of students, gender ratio, ethnicity ratio, and student status across academic units of public Universities in all levels of study and comparison of these figures with recent years;
  2. Conducting research related to students’ knowledge on the way the University of Prishtina is governed;
  3. Providing statistics on the number of doctoral students who graduate from the University of Prishtina and accessibility of their works to the public.

Towards a more inclusive and quality education in Kosovo

Project period: July 2020 – December 2020 | Donator: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

The overall goal of the project is to contribute in increasing the quality of Kosovo’s higher education by:

  1. Developing critical and creative thinking skills among students;
  2. Increasing the skills of students on the following topics: soft skills; academic integrity; writing and analytical skills;
  3. Contributing in decreasing and preventing plagiarism.

Experiences and lessons from the pandemic in the service of sustainable quality in continuing education

Project period: April 2020 – July 2020 | Donator: Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)

The objectives of the project “Experiences and lessons from the pandemic in the service of quality sustainable in continuing education” were:

  1. Facilitation of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond by providing clear and concrete guidelines for the triangle student-parent-professors and consequently increasing the capacities of teachers and students;
  2. Promotion of online learning and raising awareness on the use of online tools for educational purposes;
  3. Support of the continuation of learning during the pandemic;
  4. Facilitation of effective communication between teachers and students even after the pandemic through the use of virtual platforms (classrooms).

Think globally, act locally: series of seminars on critical thinking and academic integrity

Project period: March 2019 – July 2019 | Donator: Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)

The overall goal of the project “Think globally, act locally: series of seminars on critical thinking and academic integrity” was to raise students` awareness and expand their horizons on the education quality that the University of Prishtina should offer. The overall purpose and objectives of the project were planned to be achieved through the organization of 4 seminars under the following main topics: critical thinking; academic integrity and student activism. Seminar lecturers were mainly researchers and academic staff of Kosovo who currently teach or work at universities and educational institutes around the world. The project had two main objectives:

  1. Inciting critical thinking through constructive debate on academic integrity and student activism; and
  2. Stimulate students for better organization and revival of student life within the campus.

National Policy Dialogue for Strengthening the Social Science Research in Kosovo

Project period: April 2012 – March 2017 | Donator: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland.

National Policy Dialogue (NPD) initiative aimed at strengthening social science research in Kosovo. NPD activities included the organization of several advocacy events, international conferences, roundtables, and joint meetings with the following stakeholders: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), University of Prishtina, Assembly of Kosovo, representatives from private higher education sector and think-tanks. Additionally, several policy briefs with policy-oriented recommendations were also published. Project impacted primarily the following two fields:

  1. The importance of evidence based and analytical-comparative policy studies in decision making process – in particular related to higher education and research capacities-is enhanced;
  2. The awareness on importance and challenges related to social sciences is enhanced.

Regional Research Promotion Programme Western Balkans (RRPP), Local Coordination Unit in Kosovo

Project period: September 2009 – March 2017 | Donator: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland.

Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP) aimed at fostering and promoting social science research in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia). Social science research aids in the understanding of the specific needs for reform and in identifying the long-term implications of potential policy choices. Researchers received support through research grants, methodological and thematic trainings, as well as opportunities for regional and international exchange and networking. The RRPP was coordinated and operated by the Interfaculty Institute for Central and Eastern Europe (IICEE) at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). CPC served as the RRPP Local Coordination Unit in Kosovo.