Training: Data and Management Analysis, 27 – 28 May 2010

On the 27th and 28th May 2010 in Prishtina took place the training on “Data and Management Analysis”. The event was hosted at the University of Prishtina and was organized by very close cooperation of all Local Coorperation Units in the Western Balkans.

Guest trainers were Brian Kleiner and Oliver Lipps from Swiss foundation for research in social sciences (FORS). Mr. Kleiner is head of the Data and Research Information Services Division at FORS. Mr. Lipps is a senior researcher at FORS and has been working on survey methodological issues since 1995.

The seminar focused on features of data management during the course of a research project, it has emphasized the importance of good documentation, the importance of researchers being skilled in using the existing data that they have not themselved produced. The sessions of the two days of the seminar was highly practical and very relevant to ongoing winner research projects.

The interaction between trainers and participants was highly appreciated; the agenda was very flexible and the trainers were very open for researchers needs on managing the data and secondary analysis, the participants could address questions from their respective research projects and share their own experience. The dynamic of group and the discussants in the class were the most appreciated in this seminar.

As for the statistics of the evaluation questionnaire over 85% of the participants were satisfied with the seminar.